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Keep your 'lectric eye on me babe, put your raygun to my head

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Sep. 29th, 2008 | 02:04 pm

So it has been exactly a month since my last update (yay coincidence!) and I still do not feel terribly interested in talking about things on the internet, but here is a short list of what is new in my life.
+ classes started, they are generally pretty good
+ I met a girl in my drawing class who is essentially the same person as me,
which was weird for a bit but we're pretty good friends already
+ I nearly died trying to work 25 hours, attend four classes (3 being 4 hour long studios),
write an essay, draw ten things, make twenty hand sculptures out of tape and plastic wrap,
and apply for a gallery show last week
but I got my hours reduced a bit so hopefully that'll be okay
+ I got really sick after all that, but I think I am finally getting better
+ I've been really obsessed with david bowie lately

now, here is a drawing thing:

more later (maybe, if I feel like it, etc.)

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(no subject)

from: hyperallergina
date: Sep. 30th, 2008 02:58 am (UTC)

Yah! You managed to get the application in on time. Congrats.

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